the pursuit of dream
Personal goal
Personal ambition

mental health
psychological health
Being psitive

the ability to combine theory and practice
the ability to apply the theory to the practice
Learning and experience trait,virtue
chinese dream
People's  well-being
National prosperity

the critical mind
the critical thinking

The honesty
The trustworthyness
Being trustworthy
The credibility

good neighborhood relations
the harmonious community building
the favorable social inter-personal relationship
being friendly and decent

The traditional culture
The cultural coherence
The cultural heritage






As is shown above, in the middle of the picture lies a young man, trying to go to sleep without finishing the job of today and persuading himself that he can finish today’s job tomorrow. If posted on some social media, this picture will draw much attention because it arouses much sympathy among the young people.

The author of this picture intends to show that the ability to manage time efficiently is a key ingredient to success in this society reshaped by the emerging technologies.To be sure,with the capacity to balance work and play,we should have no advance to speak of,either in academic performance or in other aspects.Many high achievers of our times tend to attribute their success to the possession of this quality.For example,Jake Ma,the founder of Alibaba,best illustrates the importance of being efficient with his glorious success in e-commercial business and investment category.It is not hard to imagine lack of the quality of cherishing time will definitely lead to one's poor performance and lower achievement.

Personally speaking, much more attention should be attached by individuals to the cultivation of this trait.Beyond and dispute, he who is lack of this ability will accomplish nothing. We youngsters, are expected to learn from this picture's sparking and refreshing meaning,I firmly believe.




As is shown above, in the middle of the picture stands a young man, confused and terrified, facing the information bombarding from some online live broadcasting platforms. He is astonished by the vulgar, violent and porn content of these shows. This cartoon does demonstrate a status quo that is worthy of our attention.

The author of this cartoon(graph/chart) demonstrates that the emerging mobile Internet technology has become an essential part of our lives and it has become exerting profound influence on the way we live,work,play and learn.Indeed,the advance of this technology is in the best interests of our society.Nevertheless,it also brings some adverse effect,such as online fraud,porn information and vulgar performance reflected in the picture.(这句话为负面影响,可写可不写,要是没有负面可以不写)Fortunately,this topic has captured wide media attention,occupying newspaper headlines and sparking heated discussion among the public.This is a promising start.

At the end of the day,the online video streaming(网络在线直播)will stay here in one form or another.The wise way to deal with this phenomenon is that regulation are introduced to make its benefits more achievable and its bad impacts more avoidable.




As is shown above, the picture presents a ridiculous scene in which a college student is astonished by the reality of the real world. The distinctive feature in the picture that impresses me most is his lack of knowledge of the real world.

The author of the picture demonstrates a common scene in today’s college education and illustrates some problems facing universities. Some scholars have already noticed that current college education focuses a lot on the academic study but fail to offer adequate exploration on the creativity and moral education, components critical to students’future lives and careers. And, one survey even suggests that most college students are coping with a lot of tedious paperwork, with few breaks, and feeling the strain, with no substantial advance to speak of. That's a reality that horrifies some educators. Many peoplehave voiced their concerns about this issue.

The clear message is that we should take more efforts and make some concrete initiatives to safeguard any possible adverse consequences. Fortunately, we have heard that some effective measures have been taken by authorities and a trend of focusing more on the quality of students is gradually emerging nationwide. There are good reasons to expect that a more advisable and healthy circumstance will be created on our campuses.



As is shown above, in the middle of the picture sits a devoted researcher, working enthusiastically on his project despite of the fact that he has just recovered from the disease. The most striking feature of the cartoon that impresses me most is his professional dedication and professional ethics.

As is shown above, in the middle of the picture stands a dedicated worker, working hard on the product of “Made in China”. The most striking feature of the cartoon that impresses me most is the craftsmanship. This topic has gone a trending topic on some social media, with many users sharing and commenting on it recently.

The author of this picture intends to demonstrate that the craftsman's spirit is and remains to be an integral part in this ever rapidly changing modern society.Beyond any doubt, this spirit serves as the key link for the development chain of many sectors.It is not hard to imagine the absence of this quality make our train of progress delayed(晚点) or even derailed(出轨).According to a survey,the general public has rated “Made in China” as what makes them proudest of our nation.To some extent,we dare to say the citizens’ livelihood and communities’ growth are rested on this spiritual wealth. Simply put,it boosts the sound evolution(健康发展) of our nation.

From my personal perspective,the presence of such spirit will make our social fabric stronger and our people more prosperous.So,a coordinated mechanism should be established to enhance the flourishing trend of this virtue.By doing so,we can hope to witness the ideal scence and the trend will bring us much more rewards than we expected,I firmly argue.

As is shown above, in the middle of the picture stand a young man and an old man. The old man passes a gift, symbolizing the cultural heritage, to the young man, reminding the youngster to preserve the traditional culture.


Dear        ,
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Li Ming

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                                                       Li Ming